Types of Concrete

We understand the consumer would like to see their concrete investment withstand the test of time. We will do our best to minimize the effects of cracking with control joints and structural reinforcements. Our job is not only to pour a visually appealing concrete surface but to take the extra steps needed to ensure the concrete will maintain this appearance throughout the duration of its life.


  • Least expensive of all concrete options
  • Most often for exterior use due to rough finished surface. Broomed concrete is a great choice for high traffic areas where slipping is a concern
  • Least amount of upkeep and maintenance. Does not require initial sealer or continued resealing
  • Can be colored for added visual impact


  • Similar in cost to Broomed
  • Smooth surface usually preferred for interior surfaces. Will need to take precautionary measures to avoid slipping
  • Easiest finish to keep clean by sweeping or hosing off
  • Can be colored for added visual impact

Exposed Aggregate

  • Mid range option with regards to price
  • More visual impact than broomed or troweled
  • Exterior Surface only. Does require an acid wash and annual or semi-annual sealing depending on location, climate exposure, and wear and tear
  • Can be poured in conjunction with stamped concrete borders or inset ribbons for more aesthetic beauty
  • Coloring of exposed aggregate is not available

Stamped Concrete

  • Most expensive option due to time and detail
  • Most visual impact with a variety of colors and stamp options to choose from
  • Can be used for interior or exterior surfaces
  • Requires initial sealing and annual to semi-annual resealing depending on location, climate exposure, and wear and tear
  • Stamped Concrete Patterns

Stamped Concrete Examples

Seamless Roughstone

Ashlar Slate

Random Stone



Brick Borders


Custom Designs

Over Two Decades of Quality Concrete Craftsmanship

What People Say About Manning Concrete, Inc.

Thank you very much for doing such an excellent job on our new driveway. I must tell you we have had at least 30 people (most of whom we did not  know) stop by and tell us they loved the driveway and said they could tell that the people who did the work were extremely professional. Of course I gave them your name!

Because of the design I know you needed to take additional steps in competing the project. And all the extra’s that you installed (at no additional cost I must add) have been great. Since we had never met nor had I ever contracted for any major work of this type, I am so pleased that it was your company that did the work. As soon as I met you and you started the project I knew that the finished product would be great.

Please give your entire crew “Kudos” for their part while working on our project. Truthfully, I have never met such a group of dedicated professionals. And your personal practice of doing a “Follow Up” after the work was completed was greatly appreciated.

Thanks Again, Tim.

Herm and Marlee

We just want to thank you for the work you did for us. You and your crew more than met our expectations. What a great job – we appreciate all your effort and hard work.


On behalf of the Pratum School, we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for the fantastic job your crew did at the the school. We appreciate your support.

Pratum School

Thank you for the beautiful patio – we love it.

Jerry and Amy

Have you seen the new concrete sidewalk connecting our storage container to the gym? A huge thanks goes to Manning Concrete for pouring the cement at a very reasonable rate for the school. We appreciate your hard work to make things better for our school and volunteers.

Very pleased with job – will recommend you to anyone needing cement work.

Bill and Carol

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